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6Password9 DNA1970

An analysis of a worst-case scenario password database reveals patterns. The dataset in question comes from a service where the original programmer created their own "encryption" for storing passwords. Before the site fully converted their password storage to bcrypt, they were hacked. Having access to all the passwords instead of just the "easy" ones allows for additional demographic analysis. Some factoids below the cut:

These patterns can be programmed into a cracking system such as hashcat. The author concludes:
Although there were few specific patterns and processes that were able to be linked to specific demographics, this result is in a way even more damning. A malicious actor can successfully assume the same techniques and patterns for any data set they were to come upon and be successful at revealing a large percentage of passwords.

Deepcut - The Shame of the British Army

BBC - Cheryl James: Deepcut soldier's death was suicide, coroner rules - "The death of an army recruit from a gunshot wound to the head at Deepcut barracks was suicide, a coroner has ruled. The head of the army has apologised "unreservedly" to the parents of Pte Cheryl James as he vowed the service would be sure to learn from the inquest into her death at Deepcut barracks. Pte Cheryl James, 18, was found dead with a bullet wound to the head in 1995. She was one of four recruits to die at the base in seven years. Coroner Brian Barker QC said the wound was "self-inflicted" and Pte James fired the gun intentionally. Her father said the family did not believe evidence led to verdict.""

BBC - Who were the Deepcut four? "Between 1995 and 2002, four young Army recruits died from gunshot wounds in unexplained circumstances at the Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

The Army insists the deaths were all suicides, but each of the families disagreed. Now, a long-awaited fresh inquest into the death of one of the young soldiers - Private Cheryl James - is under way."


Family may be granted fresh Deepcut inquest into Sean Benton death

"The family of a second young soldier who died at Deepcut barracks in Surrey might be granted a second inquest into his death.

The brother and sister of Pte Sean Benton who was found with five bullet wounds to his chest at the base 21 years ago have been given permission to apply to the high court for the original inquest to be quashed and a fresh one ordered."

Parents of dead Deepcut soldier get apology from army "The head of the army has apologised 'unreservedly' to the parents of Private Cheryl James for duty of care failings in 1995"

"The head of the army has apologised "unreservedly" to the parents of Pte Cheryl James as he vowed the service would be sure to learn from the inquest into her death at Deepcut barracks."

More on Deepcut from the Guardian here

Are you ready?

There are two types of travelers in the world; which one are you? — a checklist by Sarah Cooper.

(Sarah Cooper previously)

Legendary Keyboardist Bernie Worrell Leaves This World

Bernie Worrell aka The Wizard of Woo, was probably the most famous keyboardist you've never heard of. Born in 1944, Worrell was the kind of sideman who was as influential as some bandleaders. A broadly grounded musician, he grew up playing classical piano and was adept at jazz, rock and R&B. He was a musical prodigy who attended Julliard and received an honorary degree from the New England Conservatory of Music. As a college student, Worrell played with a group called Chubby & The Turnpikes; this ensemble eventually evolved into Tavares.

Musical history was made in the 1970's after meeting George Clinton, leader of a Plainfield-based doo wop group called The Parliaments. Worrell, Clinton, The Parliaments and their backing band, The Funkadelics, moved to Detroit, Michigan; thereafter, both groups became collectively known as Parliament-Funkadelic.

Mainly responsible for creating Parliament's futuristic sound, Worrell's use of the Minimoog bass on the Parliament song "Flash Light", on 1977's Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome, heavily influenced the sound of R&B music and served as a bridge between American R&B and the insurgence of new wave, new age and techno.

Worrell was also reknowned for his funky contributions to the works of other musicians. Talking Heads, Adrian Belew, Reggie Watts, Black Jack Johnson and Fela Kuti.

He was a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic.

"I mix musics; I don't stick to one thing," Mr. Worrell said in a 2013 interview at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival. "I can hear the same scale or mode in a classical piece; you can find the same mode in a gospel hymn. Same mode in an Indian raga, same mode in a Irish ditty, same mode in a Scottish ditty, or whatever you want to call it. Same mode in Latin music, African. It's all related. It's how you hear it."

Diagnosed with Stage-Four lung cancer in January 2016, the musical community rallied with a tribute and benefit concert held April 4 and 5, 2016 to raise funds for Worrell's cancer treatment. It was produced by the Black Rock Coalition and featured musicians with whom Worrell has worked over his career.

Worrell left behind a legacy of incomparable funk. Worldwide tributes celebrate the legacy of this extraordinary musician.

RIP, Wizard of Woo.

Why so Sirius and What's Up With The Moon?

While doing an image search I discovered "Horselover Phat's Subliminal Synchro Sphere", landing on a giant page wherein the writer presents ... um, something about Osirus and "... Incorporating Sirius,the Moon, The Truman Show, 9/11, Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves, Danny Boyle, The Matrix, Harrsion Ford, Ghostbusters, Kevin Spacey, Sigourney Weaver, David Bowie, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Jeff Bridges, Mike Nichols, Chris Carter X-Files etc etc ..." His very first post from 2009, "...Incorporating Kubrick, Nichols, Carter, Henson, OZ, Baum, Jason, Speilberg, Landis, King Kong ,The Muppets & Revelations " into 9-11 and beyond was also noteworthy. Quite an archive of work to plow through.


Skyrim Remastered [The Verge] Nearly five years after it first came out, Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to have a very impressive fan base that keeps the game pretty through HD mods. Now it's Bethesda's turn: at its E3 press conference, the company has announced a remastered version of Skyrim coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

- Skyrim Remaster Is "as Next-Gen as Possible" [Game Spot]

While the developer isn't yet talking specifics about all the ways in which the new version is improved, Hines said players can expect a range of updates. "We haven't gotten into the full, 'Here's all the things we're doing.' But the basic idea is, in all the ways possible we're trying to improve it and make it as next-gen and appropriate for these consoles as possible," he told IGN. "Performance, effects, or whatever we can do to make the game look and feel better, we're going to give it a go."
- Pete Hines Explains Why The Game Won't Be Free For Existing Console Players [Gaming Bolt]
Bethesda won some major brownie points when they announced that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim would be remastered and made available later this year... but that it would be absolutely free for PC players who already own the game and its DLC. This seemed to rub some console players wrong, who were wondering why PC players get the game for free, while they would have to pay $60 again. Speaking on Twitter, Pete Hines pointed out that since PC players can naturally just install high res and graphical texture mods to the game, and get the same benefits that this remaster provides for no price, Bethesda are technically just giving them a game that already exists on PC, and for free- which is not the case for the console versions.

Those Who Marriage Equality Left Behind

"I cannot reconcile the divide between two of the biggest civil-rights movements I've covered—marriage equality and Black Lives Matter. How can two such quintessentially American fights occur so near each other yet feel so disconnected? How were the revelers on the steps of the Supreme Court so far from the implosion of a major American city happening just up the street?"

Tweedy live in Melbourne

Tweedy is Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and his 18-year-old son Spencer. The father-son duo's debut album Sukierae, released in 2014, features 20 songs written by Jeff Tweedy with Spencer playing drums. Radio National's live music team caught Tweedy's recent Bluesfest sideshow at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

filetype: mp3 (streaming or download)
duration: 54 minutes

songs included:
Fake Fur Coat / Diamond Light Pt 1
Honey Combed
Summer Noon
Wait for Love
Low Key
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Passenger Side
I'm the Man Who Loves You
California Stars
Queen Bitch [featuring Courtney Barnett]

What to do with extra apricots

I know some of you don't like single-purpose kitchen appliances, but you might make an exception for this recipe.

Don't let the required time put you off.

I think firsties are still available in the reviews btw.

sit back and relax

someone on imgur is making lists of Films You May Not Have Seen: Actual Films You May Not Have Seen
Actual Films You May Not Have Seen (#2)
Actual Films You May Not Have Seen (#3)
Actual Films You May Not Have Seen (#4)
Films You Actually May Not Have Seen (#5)
Films You Actually May Not Have Seen (#6)
Films You Actually May Not Have Seen 7

Bill Cunningham 1929-2016

Bill Cunningham, the street fashion photographer who rode his bike all over NYC in that functional blue smock, has died. If you haven't seen this 2011 documentary (previously) you've missed a gem. See also his video channel at the NYT and this New Yorker profile from 2009. His assistant posted this photo to Instagram 2 days ago, saying that Bill was under the weather, but some reports are saying that he was hospitalized after suffering a stroke recently.