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Did Anyone Guess Her Secret?

Actess and game show panelist Jayne Meadows has passed away at the age of 95. Meadows, whose career spanned over six decades, came from a showbiz family - her husband, Steve Allen, was an early television star and the first host of The Tonight Show, while her sister, Audrey, earned stardom for her role as Alice Kramden on The Honeymooners.

Jayne Meadows started out in Hollywood before becoming a fixture on television in the early 1950's. She was best known as a panelist on the game show I've Got a Secret. Here's an episode from towards the end of Meadows' time on the panel.

Born in China, Meadows occasionally performed while speaking Chinese.

In later years, Meadows and Allen often teamed up for some, er, more unusual ventures, such as this computer instructional video from 1984.

Finally, here's Meadows and Allen being interviewed together on the Wil Shriner show in 1987.

Caution: This is ARt

"How the Whitney might just solve the impossible problem of contemporary art."

♫ ♬

Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight [YouTube] From the new album "Sound & Color", live on Saturday Night Live. Previously.

Songs for the Dumped

If there is Guilty Pleasure, this is Guilty Pain. Dylan admits he's very self-conscious to find emotional refuge in music that "isn't even good." It's embarrassing to admit that during messy, adult heartbreak we often regress back to adolescence, to the same exact tools (even down to the 9-minute Something Corporate song) that helped us get through it the first time.
--When we are heartbroken, why do we turn to the music we loved as teens?

... statistically similar terms like "elderly people remain frisky"

The Words the Media Industry Prefers MeFi's own Paul Ford ( previously, a few times )writes another article about the internet and media and data and meaning.

What is "one of the coolest gigs you could ever hope to land?"

What's it like to be one of the Jeopardy! clue writers? The A.V. Club interviews Billy Wisse, who has worked at Jeopardy! as researcher, proofreader, and writer since 1990, and as head writer since 2011.

"Vanilla Latte for MegaFiller"

What's My Starbucks Name is like a bad barrista simulator, showing all the ways they can get your name WRONG.
roasted by dumbbelldupe

console.mihai(); // Thank you, Mihai

Mihai's legacy is that there are hundreds of millions of people using a product, Firefox, that Mihai contributed to, hundreds of thousands of them of them spend a significant proportion of their time in the console that was his responsibility. And there are billions of people using websites created by people directly helped by Mihai's work.

A few days ago Mihai Șucan went home to Romania. We're not expecting him to fix any more bugs in Firefox, but I'd like to raise a glass of Țuică, to the 1919 bugs that he has been involved in fixing in Firefox.

Devtools at Mozilla has only been a serious thing for a bit under 5 years. Firebug is much older, but wasn't really a Mozilla project. We started for real in the middle on 2010, and Mihai was one of the first people to start helping.

Additionally: Mihai's final blog post, Mihai's GitHub

The needle and the damage undone.

The Lives Vaccines have saved in the U.S. in one chart.

History as data science

History Lab has "focused on digitizing, structuring and visualizing large sets of declassified US government documents. This is a starting point for showcasing how computational techniques can aid historical research." Can big-data analysis show what kinds of information the government is keeping classified?


Declassification is inevitably a political process: when the government decides what evidence to release, that decision is necessarily determined in large part by political considerations. Quite often, material is withheld because it is considered politically sensitive. But this is generally the sort of material the historian would most like to see. There is thus a built-in conflict between the consumer and the supplier of historical evidence: we historians want to see the "dirt," but those responsible for the release of documents want to make sure that the material released does not damage the political interests they are responsible for protecting.
Declassification Engine provides solution to processing declassified documents

"We shall not meet again; over the wave / Our ways divide"

Take Nothing, Leave Nothing. How Simon Winchester came to be banned from the world's most remote island, Tristan da Cunha. Previously.

Freddie Gray protests: Governor of Maryland Declares State of Emergency

The Governor of Maryland has declared a state of emergency due to the situation in Baltimore. For several days protesters have been highlighting the cause of Gray, an African-American who died after being taken into police custody for making eye contact with an officer, then attempting to run away. Gray's spine was nearly severed at the time of his death, possibly having to do with his seatbelt not being fastened in the police van.

There was some discussion of this issue in a previous thread about the killing of Walter Scott.

In a darkening time: Remembering Joe Bageant

"Returning as he did to Winchester right as Bush took office, Joe Bageant stepped into a writer's dream—a perfect confluence of subject, setting, and personal knowledge—and he responded with fury, writing essay after raging essay, a dazzling output that collectively foresaw the housing crisis and recession, Obamacare, and "the 1 percent" as a rhetorical tool. Yet four years after his death, he's remembered for one book and a corresponding moment of semi-fame as "America's Most Literate Redneck," if he's remembered at all." From The Baffler: Toxically Pure: Joe Bageant drops out.

Bageant, previously:

* Still the spring winds come and the young girls walk by in their beautiful way. All is never lost. And in the face of eternity, what we consider all and everything is truly nothing (obit thread)

* Scots/Irish in America and War

* A whore that sitteth on many waters...Joe Bageant!

Blue Crude

German car manufacturer Audi says it has created the "fuel of the future" made solely from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources.

A Dispatch From the Shifting, Porous Border Between Butch and Trans

The borders between butch women, masculine genderqueer people, and trans men are clearer in theory than in practice. In order to find out more about how people in these categories experience gender, I spoke with individuals from across the butch/trans spectrum, from female-identified butches to formerly butch-identifying trans men, and found commonalities, as well as differences, among them.

Ten Things I Learned from Loving Anne of Green Gables

Realizing the gap between Anne and myself opened up a space for me, as a reader, to ask hard questions about even the books I cherish — and finally to move beyond these sorts of questions, realizing that expecting every character to be a role-model, a perfected version of myself, wasn't the sort of feminist or reader I wanted to be.

Sarah Mesle is a contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Skate Girls

"Forbidden from riding bikes, fearless Afghan girls are skateboarding around Kabul." The creation of Oliver Percovich, Skateistan is a grassroots project that connects youth and education through skateboarding in Afghanistan, and over 40% of their students are girls. "I realised skateboarding was a loophole. It was so new that nobody had a chance to say that girls couldn't do it yet."

Then, a sky, an urban, and an empty. Here, the sky is for fly in. generates paragraphs from a photograph. Example: photo of Hillary Clinton. A more detailed explanation at MetaFilter Projects; from Mefi's own TheMadStork.


In the Torygraph 5,000 small business owners wrote an open letter supporting the Tories in the UK election. So far so predictable, until people on Twitter started taking a closer look and found some strange discrepancies in the list...

fly that tune rag

Meet Black Summer, Australia's youngest Dubstep DJ.

We choose to go to the Mun because it is hard

After almost 4 years of development, Kerbal Space Program hit version 1.0. Today, Kerbal Space Program reached a major milestone, declaring the release of version 1.0 and the removal of the "Early Access" label.

Kerbals originated from Felipe "HarvesteR" Falanghe's original experiments with rockets as a kid in Brazil. The idea still kicking around in his head, he pitched the idea to his employers, Mexico City-based marketing company Squad, who told him to go for it.

"Then I started having all these other ideas as I wrote the design doc," he said. "Maybe you could get something if you could land. Maybe you could get into orbit. Maybe you could build a space station. I wrote all that down in a 'Highly Wishful Set of Features – Maybe One Day' list, because of the way it got started, we didn't know how far we could go with the idea."
All of these features are now standard in the game, as well as three separate play modes and tutorial missions. The Kerbin solar system includes planets, moons, and asteroids. There are hundreds of mods for the game, it's appeared in XKCD, it has been name-dropped by Elon Musk, worked with NASA on an asteroid redirect mission, and even has an educational version. Plus, one can buy Kerbal figurines at Shapeways.

As well as exiting Early Access, KSP refines old features and integrates several new concepts. The changelog for the new version is, to quote the producer Miguel Pena, "freaking huge." At least 35 parts are new to the game in this version. Some of the new features are listed in a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything thread--as well as hints for post-release plans.

Additional features have been highlighted by Squad in short videos.
Day 7: Clamber (Kerbalnauts can climb over things, includes an in-game video of one of the first female Kerbals--Val is named after Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova)
Day 6: Fairings (new procedural fairings to enclose your ships)
Day 5: Aerodynamics (aerodynamics have been completely redone)
Day 4: Resources (refuel your vehicles with resources found in asteroids or on planets!)
Day 3: New Parts (completely new cabin interiors, airbrakes, landing gear)

Also new with 1.0, the game will now be on and has an upcoming Gamer's Edition.

Read more about it from KSP site, the KSP Forums, view live feeds from KSP on Twitch, Steam, or the Squad Development log. There are numerous video resources for learning the game, including the highly-recommended work of Scott Manley, real-life astrophysicist, programmer, ex-DJ, and excellent teacher of the game's finer points. (Though with the new aerodynamic model, a lot of the tutorials out now will be out-of-date...)

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You Have to See It to Beelieve It

BeeLine Reader makes screen reading easier with multicolored gradients that guide your eyes from line to line.